Le Mieux

Le Mieux offers comprehensive ground breaking skin care products that regenerate the skin from deep within the cellular matrix providing healthier, visibly younger skin with only the finest natural ingredients used.

Lira Clinical

Lira uses simple yet effective protocols with customized treatment results. Creating a fusion between nature and science through elite stem cell technology, commanding peptides, and potent antioxidants needed for enlightened skin benefits. 


iS Clinical

iS Clinical is a line of superior quality products and treatments powered by the most innovative ingredients. This line of reparative and preventative products offer a new generation of skincare that is easily integrated into any regime resulting in skin that is healthier, more hydrated, and protected. 


ilike certified organic skincare

Ilike Certified Organic Skincare brings you the best of nature through skincare products infused with herbs, fruits, and vegetables. These organic products heal a variety of skin aliments including acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and sensitive skin issues. 



Creator Dr. Lee has sourced some of the best ingredients in Asia, Europe, and South America for Dermaesthetics. Combining her Korean heritage and US education in cosmetic chemistry, Dr. Lee has achieved the fine balance of utilizing Western actives & ingredients with the holistic Eastern approach to treating skin concerns and ailments. 


Aura Candles

Aura Candles are a blend of soy wax, premium fragrance, essential oils, and lead-free wicks.  Created by self-taught chandlers with a passion to create a high-end candles at an affordable cost.